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'Alphabet' Stickers

This is a collection of twenty-six handmade alphabet stickers that are ideal for use in creative projects. Each square sticker features an individual letter of the alphabet and every one has a unique colour or pattern combination so that no two stickers are the same.

The stickers are printed on high gloss 135 gsm self-adhesive paper and are pre-cut in squares.

A discount is available on purchases of multiple packs. Simply select the number of packs from the 'Number of Packs' field (where the drop-down specifies to 'Select an option') in the top right of the item page for the discount to be applied as follows:

1 Pack of 26 Stickers = £5.00
2 Packs of 26 Stickers = £8.00
3 Packs of 26 Stickers = £10.00

Item Dimensions: H6.3 x W6.3 cms


  • Image of 'Alphabet' Stickers
  • Image of 'Alphabet' Stickers